• Patrick Edger

    Researchers uncover the origins of the cultivated strawberry

    Published on February 25, 2019

    A team of researchers, led by scientists at MSU and the University of California, Davis, has used the power of genomics to reveal the evolutionary origins of the cultivated strawberry and deciphered the genetic code of this highly coveted fruit.

  • New ABR scientists

    Editor's Note: Science communication can be tricky, and rewarding

    Published on January 1, 2019

    Communicating about science isn’t always easy. It requires a delicate balance between making the words understandable, while also scientifically accurate and respectful. But it’s certainly rewarding, as people entrust you with telling their stories.

  • Blog post: Through food!

    Published on November 21, 2018

    Blog post by Dustin Petty, Bailey Scholars Program Academic Advisor.

  • Food safety is fundamental

    Published on November 14, 2018

    Frank Yiannas, deputy commissioner for food policy and response at the FDA, believes improving food safety is foundational to creating a better food system.