Ancillary Equipment



Stainless Steel Buggies/Totes and Single Column Lift (CM Process Solutions):
The SS totes can hold as much as 400 lb. of product and can be moved via a set of wheels on the bottom of the buggy. The column lift can pick up a filled tote and transport it to the desired location. It can then lift the filled tote and dump the contents in to a receiving reservoir.

Customized Conveyor (Olive Engineering, SelectPackaging):
A customized conveyor was built to take product from the output conveyor of the Spiral Freezer (~ H 10’) to tabletop height. The unique design incorporates the slope needed to create a gentle downhill movement of the product while requiring a minimum amount of floor space.

COP Tank (Sani-matic, Galloup Co.):
The COP Washer (Model RW-50/150) can be used to clean equipment parts and accessories of differing sizes and complexities. The tank is equipped with spray balls (40 gpm at 25 psi) and a variety of metal baskets to hold small components. The sanitary side jets provide a turbulent rolling action. The tank can be heated from 550F to 1400F in ~ 15mins. Addition of chemical cleaners occurs manually.

High Pressure Washer/Sprayer (Hotsy Equipment Co., Great Lakes Cleaning):
The Epps Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer/Steamer (Model 3400PS) can clean equipment of different sizes and complexities. The portable unit can be used with a variety of detergents to remove different types of product residue and is equipped with 100’ feet of hose, a gun wand and nozzles.

Walkie Straddle Truck, SS Pallet Jack, Storage Racks (Andersen): The Walkie Straddle and pallet jack are both designed to move palleted product within the facility. The pallet jack is made of stainless steel, for use in the production rooms.

Floor scale, SS tables, carts, pans and racks, forklift, platform truck, ingredient bins, locking cabinets and other


Full service QC Lab on site

Lab instrumentation: pH meter, refractive index, package headspace analyzer, water activity meter, moisture analyzer, colorimeter, analytical balance, oven, microwave, refrigerator, batch fryer, blender

Utilities available in production rooms:

  • Hot & Cold Portable Water
  • Steam – 15 – 100psi Food Grade
  • Compressed Air – 15 – 90psi Quick Connect
  • 120 Volt – 15 – 20 amp Twist Lock
  • 208 Volt – 20-40 amp Twist Lock
  • 480 Volt – 60-120 amp Twist Lock

Equipment Details