Event: The Future of Farming to Meet Sustainable Development Goals in Africa: Reflections on Soil Health and Policy

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a global challenge, becoming acute in the face of climate change, natural resource degradation, and diseases affecting humans, animals and plants. Technologies and practices that promote sustainable intensification on smallholder farms vary spatially according to the diverse ways in which economic transformation and population dynamics are influencing the costs of land, farm labor, and cash inputs such as fertilizers and improved seeds. At this seminar we will reflect on how to achieve sustainable productivity gains through investments in soil health and knowledge. Reports have been commissioned on pioneering efforts in East and Southern Africa to engage and empower farmers and communities through approaches that specifically support disadvantaged youth and women.

Highlights will include innovations in extension, soil health monitoring and agricultural policy around sustainable intensification. Firsthand experiences will be shared on how to scale out bidirectional learning and access to inputs, to address food security, and simultaneously, environmental security. A panel of experts will reflect on the frontline experiences presented, and consider how sustainable agriculture intensification can be further supported and scaled out, in a rapidly changing world. Overall, this will be a unique opportunity for lessons to be synthesized from cutting-edge innovations in soil health for SDG, and made available for broader learning.


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Alliance for African Partnership

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Global Innovations in Development, Engagement, & Scholarship

MSU Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics

AFRE Food Security Group

MSU Center for Gender in Global Context