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Visit the Spartan Statue on campus at Michigan State University.

Connect with the IAT

Our goal is to provide the best information that helps you decide if enrolling in a MSU certificate program will meet your education and professional goals.

Contact the IAT at or 517-884-7334 to set up a prospective student meeting.

You can also set up a prospective student meeting with the program coordinator of the certificate you want to pursue. These meetings may be in-person or virtual depending on schedules. Contact the appropriate program coordinator to get started!

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Campus Visit

A great way to decide if attending the Institute of Agricultural Technology (IAT) is right for you is by visiting campus to see for yourself. Check out classrooms, labs, university farms, and of course the MSU Dairy Store!

Contact the IAT at or 517-884-7334 to get started on your campus visit!

Career Services Jobs & Internships

This section is currently under construction.

New Student Orientation

The IAT New Student Orientation (IAT NSO) experience is an important step in the enrollment process. Every new Spartan participates in the IAT New Student Orientation prior to the start of their first semester. The IAT NSO is not the same as MSU's undergraduate orientation program. Contact the IAT with any questions about the IAT New Student Orientation.


This is not an all-inclusive list of scholarships. We encourage students to also do their own searches by using key words related to their academic program and areas of interest. If a link does not work or is not available, then try an internet search for information.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Looking for information on the cost to attend an IAT program and help paying for it? You will find it at Tuition & Financial Aid.