IAT Admissions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Institute of Agricultural Technology admissions process is different in some ways from the Michigan State University admissions process. If you have an immediate question, contact ati.iat@msu.edu.

Applicant & Application FAQs


How long does the application process take?

It depends on how long it takes to have all required official transcripts received by MSU.

Can unofficial copies of my transcripts be used in the application process?

MSU requires official copies of all transcripts to be sent directly from the institution to Michigan State University.

How do applicants submit a high school transcript to the IAT when their high school no longer exists? 

Contact the local school district to see if they have the academic records or contact the State Department of Education.

What if an applicant does not enroll the semester they applied to start?

IAT applications are good for one year. Contact the IAT by email at ati.iat@msu.edu to request a new start term.

Change in Student Status FAQs


How do students re-enroll after a break in their IAT enrollment?

If you have been away from MSU for three consecutive semesters (including summer) or more, then you will need to submit the MSU Re-admission Application.

Can a current MSU undergraduate change to the IAT?

Yes. Information about the status change process and IAT Status Change Request form is in the transfer section of the IAT website.

How do applicants or current IAT students change their program or location of study?

Send an email to ati.iat@msu.edu requesting a change to the new program and/or location.

Can current MSU undergraduates earn an IAT certificate?

MSU undergraduates are not able to pursue an IAT certificate while working toward their bachelor's degree.

If a student is recessed from MSU undergraduate program, can they apply for admission to the IAT?

The student must be re-admitted to the university via the MSU Re-admission Application.

Student FAQs


How does MSU determine residency to qualify for in-state tuition?

The MSU Office of the Registrar sets the regulations for qualifying for in-state tuition.

Where can international students get help with visa and immigration status?

The MSU Office for International Students and Scholars.

How do students reset their MSU NetID password if they don’t have their PAN? 

Contact the MSU ID Office for help resetting your password.

How do applicants hear about the status of their application?

Check your email regularly. The IAT will communicate to you via the email address used on your application for admission. You can also sign in to your IAT application portal for updates.