Transfer Guidelines

IAT students (AT in MSU system) who plan to continue their education at Michigan State University to earn a bachelor’s degree have two pathways to transfer to undergraduate status (UN in MSU system).

  • Status Change Request Form
  • Transfer Application

Students should notify their IAT program coordinator as soon as possible for appropriate course advising and planning.

Status Change Request Form

The Status Change Request Form is only for IAT students currently enrolled in a certificate program who are in good academic and financial standing with Michigan State University.


The following requirements will determine if an IAT student (AT level) qualifies for a status change to an MSU undergraduate student (UN level).

  • Complete all certificate program requirements with a minimum 3.0 MSU grade point average (cumulative).
  • Satisfy equivalents for MSU WRA 101 and MTH 103 College Algebra (minimum requirement) before graduating from the IAT. Official transcript sent to MSU admissions is required in order to verify meeting this requirement.
  • Declare an undergraduate major in the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
  • Be in good standing with Michigan State University and all other post-secondary institutions attended.

Students who meet all the above requirements are eligible to have their status changed from AT to UN upon graduating from the Institute of Agricultural Technology and will be able to enroll in undergraduate courses at that time.

NOTE: IAT students will be dropped from any MSU undergraduate courses they enroll in prior to graduating from their IAT certificate program.

Status Change Steps

Eligible students should:

  1. Submit the Status Change Request Form to the Institute of Agricultural Technology by the middle of the applicant’s final semester of completing their IAT certificate program.
  2. Connect with the undergraduate academic advisor in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources based the major program they are transferring into for further academic planning.

(Middle of the semester dates are available on the MSU Academic Calendar located on the Office of Registrar website.)

Submit Status Change Form

Transfer Application for Admission

Students who do not meet all the Status Change Request requirements to qualify for a status change from AT to UN must apply an MSU transfer applicant through the MSU Office of Admissions.


For questions about the status change process and transferring, contact the Institute of Agricultural Technology.