Application Instructions

How to Apply for Admission to the IAT

These instructions provide additional applicant information on how to apply for admission to the Institute of Agricultural Technology. All transcripts should be sent to the MSU Office of Admissions. Contact the IAT with any questions about the admission process at 517-355-0190 or

Freshman Applicant

Currently a high school senior or has graduated from high school but has not enrolled in a college, university or any other school after high school.

Home School Applicants

Required to submit all application materials, including a transcript. The transcript should list all courses (including those in progress) from 9th to 12th grade and the time frame (year and semester) of each course. An assessment of performance (letter grade, percentage, points) for each course is needed.

GED Applicants

Official documentation with GED test scores is needed and should be sent to the MSU Office of Admissions.

Early/Middle College Applicants

Apply as a freshman applicant if planning to attend the IAT immediately after receiving a high school diploma. This includes applicants who receive a diploma at the same time as an associate degree.

Transfer Applicant

Apply as a transfer applicant if you have completed coursework at a postsecondary institution after graduating high school OR has earned a bachelor’s degree at another college or university.

 Application process details:

  • Indicate you are a transfer applicant on the IAT application.
  • Transfer applicants with fewer than 24 completed credit hours from another institution must also submit a high school transcript to complete their application materials.
  • Failure to disclose all institutions during the application process may impact the enrollment process or result in an offer of admission being rescinded.
  • Transfer applicants with graduate degrees only need to submit transcripts for undergraduate degrees including associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree.

International Applicant

Apply as an international applicant if you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and if you are on a temporary visa or will require any type of visa to study in the United States.

 NOTE: International students planning to enroll in a IAT certificate program offered at a community college partner location will work with that community college for their I-20 documents.

 Admission process for international students enrolling in East Lansing:

  • Complete and submit the IAT application for admission, application fee and official copies of transcripts. Transcripts must be mailed to Michigan State University directly from the education institution to be considered official. Emailed copies from the student will not be accepted.
  • Submit proof of English language proficiency.
  • Admitted international applicants will be asked to accept the offer of admission and pay the IAT new student enrollment deposit.
  • The I-20 Request process will start after applicants have accepted the offer of admission and paid the IAT new student enrollment deposit.

Information Regarding Student Visa

In order to obtain the documents needed to file for a student visa (I-20 or DS-2019), admitted students must show adequate proof of financial support. Upon acceptance and payment of the IAT new student enrollment deposit, admitted students will be required to submit a signed affidavit of support and bank statement with the name of the account holder in English to the IAT. Please do not send financial documents in paper form at the time of application.

High School Dual Enrollment/Early Middle College Applicant 

Any student enrolling while still in high school, including early middle college programs.

 Information about eligibility, applying and cost can be found at MSU Dual Enrollment.

 Dual enrollment students should meet with the appropriate program coordinator for course advising.


Enrollment certification for Veterans Educational Benefits is processed by the MSU Office of the Registrar. The Department of Veteran Affairs determines eligibility for veteran and dependent education benefits. Once a determination is made, the Office of the Registrar certifies student enrollment in compliance with the Department of Veterans Affairs regulations.

Enrolling in an East Lansing IAT Program

Follow online Step-by-Step Guide to Veterans Education Benefits.

Enrolling in a Community College Partner Location IAT program

Veteran applicants planning to use the G.I. Bill to pay for their MSU certificate and community college associate degree will work closely with the community college’s veteran student staff. Because courses are taken at both institutions at the same time, the community college will be identified as the home institution and MSU as the guest institution for the veteran benefits certification. The community college will issue a “parent” letter.