2018 Bailey Scholars Program Director Note

2018 Bailey Scholars Program Director Note

The Bailey Scholars Program (BSP) continues to have one foot in our past – maintaining the principles and interdependent learning community that have supported generations of scholars – and one in the future where we work each day to support our students as they build it.

The first BSP class met in spring 1998. Twenty years later, the subject matter in the classroom may have evolved, the slide projector has been traded in for a large screen television, and the student body around the table is more diverse. But the passion for learning and desire to challenge and stretch oneself remains.

I’ve heard it said that the first step of success is simply showing up. For the last two decades, that’s precisely what our scholars have done. Being an
active learner isn’t easy. If our students wanted it easy, they would attend a traditional college course where the criteria for 4.0 is detailed in the course
syllabus. Instead, they have consistently expected more from themselves and each other. They show up to learn. They show up to lead.

In the 2017-2018 annual report, you’ll read stories about our past to better understand the community we have today. You’ll read about the experiences and achievements of our current scholars. And finally, you’ll see the steps we’re taking to be an inclusive, engaging learning community that is accessible to any learner who hopes to join the Bailey Scholars Program.

This is a journey that would be impossible without engagement from our scholars, fellows, alumni, and supporters. On behalf of the leadership team, thank you!

Dr. Jeno Rivera

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