Jennifer "Jeno" Rivera, PhD


Bailey Scholars Program

Director of the Liberty Hyde Bailey Scholars Program

Telephone: 517-884-7327

Justin S. Morrill Hall Of Agriculture
446 W. Circle Drive, Room 65
East Lansing MI 48824

Department of Community Sustainability

Associate Professor, Fixed-Term


Ph.D. Learning, Teaching, and Social Policy Department of Education Cornell University

MS in Education Specialty- Vocational and Technical Education Virginia Tech

BS in Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences Virginia Tech

Jennifer “Jeno” Rivera began her teaching career spending three years teaching middle school and high school Agriculture and Environmental Sciences in Page County, Virginia. She returned to graduate school to further her studies in education focusing on secondary school assessment and accountability.

Jeno began her tenure at MSU in the department of Community Sustainability researching best practices for secondary teacher preparation. This research spring boarded her curiosities to include community education and engagement and to become a faculty fellow in the Liberty Hyde Bailey Scholars Program.

Currently she is the Director of the Liberty Hyde Bailey Scholars Program. Her recent scholarship identifies teaching and learning components that impend or foster learning through experience. She collaborates in the development, implementation and evaluation of innovative educational programs that promote self-directed learning.

Her work appears in such journals as the International Journal on Innovations in Online Education, the Journal of Prior Learning Assessment Inside Out, and the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture. She also published a chapter on assessing multiples dimensions of student learning in Integrating Curricular and Co-Curricular Endeavors to Enhance Intellectual, Intercultural, Global, Community, and Personal Student Outcomes. When not in the Bailey Space, Jeno enjoys sewing, painting, and playing her violin for her two dogs, cat and five chickens.