2019 CANR Golfing for Scholarships event provides $10,000 for CANR scholarships, student activities and alumni programs

The 2019 CANR Golfing for Scholarships outing held June 4 and raised $10,000 for scholarships, student club grants and alumni programming.

The 2019 CANR Golfing for Scholarships outing held June 4 was another great success with 86 golfers and more than 20 volunteers on the greens of Forest Akers West.

Thanks to our golfers and sponsors, $10,000 was raised for ANR Alumni Association Scholarship fund, CANR student activities and alumni programs!

Be sure to save the date for next year’s golf outing: Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

Congratulations to the 2019 Golfing for Scholarship trophy winners:

  • The ANR Cup was won by Craig Hepker, Eric Hepker, Dave Hueter and Michael Hueter.
  • The Dean’s Cup was won by Dave Della Vedova, Dan Kaidan, Tommy Miller and Brody Stevens.
  • Finally, the George Stachwick Memorial Cup was won by George Bird, Greg Bird, Larry Gut and Mike Reinke.


Thank you to our 2019 Golfing for Scholarships Sponsors

Lunch Sponsor 

  • Universal Forest Products

Breakfast Sponsors

  • North Bay Produce
  • George Stachwick in memory of George Stachwick
  • Valerie and Christopher Wright

Tee Sponsors

  • Tim and Tami Baumann
  • Breckenridge Insurance
  • Gowan Company USA
  • Andy and Kay Granskog
  • Lynn and Mary Harvey
  • Michigan Apple Committee
  • Michigan Turfgrass Foundation
  • RCIS                                                                 
  • Bill and MaryLou Somerville
  • Cathy and Marsha Stachwick, In Memory of George Stachwick
  • Two K Farms

Flag Sponsors

  • Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering Department
  • Michigan Pork Producers Association
  • Paramount Coffee Company

Student Sponsors

  • George and Anne Bird
  • Jenny Bond- Two Students
  • Cygnet Enterprises, Inc.
  • Cheryl Gilliam and Juanita D’Arienzo
  • Remus Rigg
  • Loston and Rita Rowe
  • Cathy and Marsha Stachwick –Two students in memory of George Stachwick
  • George T. Stachwick – Two students in memory of George Stachwick

Table Sponsors

  • Lindy and Bert Crandell
  • Dennis Crum
  • Frank and Connie Hagelshaw
  • Kirk and Katha Heinze- Two Tables
  • Kalmbach Feeds
  • Megan and Matt Ritter
  • Loston and Rita Rowe
  • Mark Sheperdigian
  • Leslie Siefka
  • Bob and Deb Ver Berkmoes
  • Eric and Jennifer Whitford

Cart Sponsors

  • Dennis Crum
  • Todd and Carolyn DeKryger
  • Diane Fischer
  • FONA- Two Carts
  • Cheryl Gilliam
  • Jim Goodheart
  • Kay and Andy Granskog
  • Steve Harsh – Four Carts
  • H&W Ingredients- Two Carts
  • The Reed Family – Three carts
  • Bob and Deborah Ver Berkmoes
  • Mark and Shelley Wiley

A special thanks to our 2019 CANR Alumni Association corporate sponsors:

  • Corn Marketing Program of Michigan
  • GreenStone Farm Credit Services
  • Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies
  • Michigan Milk Producers Association
  • Michigan State University Federal Credit Union
  • MSU School of Packaging Alumni Association
  • Syngenta
  • Techmark, Inc.
  • United Dairy Industries of Michigan
  • Universal Forest Products, Inc.

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