2023 Western Riding Horse Camp Day 3

Relay racing, chalk drawing and more!!

Happy day three!!

I spy with my little eye…

Campers got a sheet of things to find around the farm then check them off. It was for sure a team effort for them to check everything off their list.

Picture Frames


As an arts and crafts activity, everyone got to paint a frame for their photo of them with Sedona or Grizz which they can take home with them on Friday!

Garden Kitchen: Dirt Cups and Cowboy Caviar


Snack time!! Dirt cups were a sweet treat in the morning, they added so much chocolate syrup to it. Another popular snack is Cowboy Caviar which fits perfectly into western horse camp. They loved it!

Barrel racing/line dancing


Horse camp perfected their line dance for Friday! I’ve seen them throughout the week asking Stewards to show them the steps. Then they took their pool noodle horse, and it was off to race! They got very competitive.

The digestive System of a horse


Who knew the digestive system of a horse was so big! Campers were given chalk to draw everything in a huge diagram on the ground. You can find them near the upper barns.

Goat time!


Campers love our baby goats! They were able to take them outside in their little field to play, some of the goats were trying to eat everything and a few were surrounding a camper. She absolutely loved it!

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