Farm land leasing web page established

Farm land leasing information for both landowners and farm operators is now on the web.

One of the very hottest topics around the farm is where to get some help in putting together a win-win farm land leasing arrangement. It takes some real time and effort to be successful in putting in place a land rental/lease agreement that provides protection for the landowner and the flexibility that is needed by the farm operator. A new web page devoted to just this topic has been established at by the North Central Extension Farm Management Committee.

One of the most basic and important points to consider is getting the agreement in writing in terms that both the landowner and the renter can understand. Today, individuals have more resources available for consideration like those provided at aglease101 or web pages like that contain additional land rental information and resources along with a variety of worksheets and budgets. After you find a basic lease format the challenge is to customize the terms and make sure that the needs of both the renter and landowners are covered by the terms, says Dennis Stein, Michigan State University Extension, Farm Business Management Educator. In times like we have today it has become even more important that landowners and farm operators develop and maintain positive working relations. Farm operators need to maintain land base for their operations that include both owned and rented lands and any major change in that base can have major impacts on their farming profitability. In today’s volatile market situation, farm operators must be diligent in putting together a farm risk management plan that includes maintaining positive land rental relations and agreements.

As we move into the winter months, many farm land owners will review their situation as will farm operators as final plans are put into place for the 2012 crop production season. If you have questions or need additional assistance you have resource people like Dennis Stein at available to assist you.

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