Landis Distinguished as 2022 AAAS CV Riley Memorial Lecturer

Doug Landis is the featured Speaker for the 2022 CV Riley Memorial Lecture

On November 30, 2022, Doug Landis, PhD is the featured speaker for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 2022 Charles Valentine Riley Memorial Lecture. This annual event welcomes distinguished speakers to explore the environmental and societal challenges facing our planet through the lens of agricultural innovation and its applications in a global context. 

Landis’ lecture will focus on emerging opportunities and challenges in agricultural pest management and technological innovations to support agricultural productivity and food security in the face of changing environmental conditions. The scientific basis for this lecture is a paper that Landis wrote in 2017 entitled “Designing agricultural landscapes for biodiversity-based ecosystem services”, which has been widely cited in agroecological literature. 

Landis explained, “The time is now to rethink what our farms looks like if we’re going to meet the food needs of a growing global population in a sustainable way. By diversifying the physical landscapes of farms, we can bolster biodiversity while bringing natural ecological benefits, such as pest control, to farmland.”

Landis’s remarks will be followed by a Q&A session and a panel discussion with noted leaders Dr. Steven Bradbury, Professor in the Departments of Natural Resource Ecology Management and Entomology at Iowa State University, Dr. Megan Fritz, Assistant Professor of Department of Entomology and Institute for Advanced Computer Studies at the University of Maryland, and Dr. Linda Kinkel, Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Minnesota. The discussion will be led by Dr. Fred Gould, William Neal Reynolds Professor of Agriculture at North Carolina State University.. 

“I am really honored to be chosen for this opportunity.” Landis said. “Although my 2017 review of the research in this area has been cited more than 500 times, it is important to be able share this information with the public and other stakeholders to implement meaningful changes.” 

This annual lecture is a collaboration between AAAS, The Charles Valentine Riley Memorial Foundation (RMF), and the World Food Prize Foundation (WFPF). The lecture is a hybrid event. To register and get more details go to the AAAS website.


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