MSU Extension Tollgate Farm Wheelchair Accessibility Initiative

Give to the MSU Extension Tollgate Farm Wheelchair Accessibility Initiative and help youth and adults with limited mobility visit the farm.

The MSU Extension Tollgate Farm and Education Center provides hands-on experiences for youth and adults in a production agriculture setting and connects people to the source of their food and the natural world. Experiences in nature and agriculture provide many positive health outcomes. Unfortunately, individuals with wheelchairs or walkers can have difficulty participating in these opportunities. You can help youth and adults access these amazing experiences by supporting our Wheelchair Accessibility Initiative on March 16, 2021 as a part of MSU’s Give Green Day.

This project will support people with limited mobility in accessing the fields, woods, gardens, and pastures of MSU Tollgate. Depending on the amount raised, we plan to purchase several different pieces of equipment that will improve access for wheelchairs and walkers. Specialized rollable walkway mats ($1,000-$3,000) and a wheelchair lift for our hay wagons ($3,500) are options for improving accessibility at the farm. We strive to provide outstanding educational experiences for visitors with a wide range of physical abilities. Please help us make our agriculture education programs more accessible.

What is MSU Tollgate Farm?

MSU Extension Tollgate Farm and Education Center in Novi provides 4-H non-formal educational programming for youth, adults, families, schools, and groups, offering them the unique opportunity to experience agriculture hands-on in an urban environment. The 160 acres of pastures, fields, forest, and pond provide an exceptional location for learning to take place. Using research-based curriculum and methods, MSU Tollgate instructors lead visitors in exploring the farm and the natural world, encourage appreciation for locally grown food, and assist schools in meeting educational standards. All too often children grow up thinking food comes from a grocery store or community members do not have essential information to make decisions related to environmental issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these issues and the financial need of our audience is greater than ever. By providing experiential learning, we hope to connect people to land, water, and food and create stronger, healthier communities even in the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For additional information, visit MSU Extension Tollgate Farm Wheelchair Accessibility Initiative

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