MSU Pre-College Program Scholarships awarded to 4-H aspiring Spartans

Fifty-two percent of the 2023 Pre-College Program Scholarships offered by MSU Admissions were awarded to top-notch 4-H youth who want to become Spartans.

4-H Exploration Days participants build a catapult as part of their pre-college experience. Picture taken by MSU Extension staff.
4-H Exploration Days participants build a catapult as part of their pre-college experience. Picture taken by MSU Extension staff.

Michigan State University Extension and many other MSU departments offer diverse and enriching educational programs that empower and prepare teens for the rigors of higher education before they reach college-age. Knowing the importance of getting young teens on the right track for college-readiness, the Michigan State University Office of Admissions offers up to 60 pre-college scholarships annually to encourage and support students who want to become Spartans.

The MSU Pre-College Program Scholarships for 2023 were recently awarded. Of the scholarships offered in 2023, 52 percent were presented to 4-H pre-college program participants from 15 counties, stretching from Marquette to Wayne County. Recipients receive a $2,000 scholarship applied to their first year at MSU as a degree-seeking student.

MSU Extension 4-H pre-college programs have a proven track-record of advancing knowledge and transforming the lives of youth by helping them prepare academically and socially for higher education, careers and life as an adult.

MSU Pre-College Program Scholarship applicants must have attended a MSU pre-college program during the same year the award is granted. Pre-college program directors nominate up to five percent of the program participants for scholarship consideration. Youth that are going into eighth, ninth, tenth or eleventh grade following their involvement in a pre-college program are eligible to apply. Nominees are required to fill out an application and write an essay that addresses their long-term education and career goals.

Michigan 4-H offers five MSU pre-college programs that increase participants’ overall interest in college and building the skills necessary for success. These programs are: 4-H Exploration Days, 4-H Capitol Experience, 4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources Camp, 4-H Animal and Veterinary Science Camp and World Food Prize Michigan Youth Institute.  

For information about these and other MSU pre-college programs, visit Spartan Youth Programs. You’ll find a multitude of programs that can help youth develop valuable academic and social skills, make new friends, get a sense of college life and get excited about post-secondary education.

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