Resumes are important in the job market

Why are resumes so important in the job market? Resumes can make or break you getting the job you want, so you want to it to look the best it can be.


Michigan State University Extension’s 4-H Careers & Entrepreneurship website has some great tips and ideas on writing your resume to get hired for that job. What is a resume? It is defined as an advertisement of yourself to show the employer your work history, skills you have learned and tells the story on why that employer should hire you.

If you do not have a resume file folder, youth may want to consider starting one that you can build on throughout your career. Youth should have an up-to-date resume even if they are not actively job searching. This helps you categorize the new skills you have learned and keeps a list of what your job experiences have been.

The resource Resumes That Rock! provides some tips to keep in mind while putting your resume together.

  • Get a copy of the job description.
  • Tailor your resume to emphasize your skills and experience.
  • Research as much information as you can about the job—this not only helps in your resume writing, but also for your interview.
  • Make sure the communication is clear, easy to read, organized and looks good on paper.
  • Choose a resume format to use that pertains to specific jobs. For example, chronological order may work for some resumes.
  • Focus on creating a good objective statement pertinent to the type of job you are pursuing. Recruiters like to see a good objective statement—why do you want this job?
  • Use action verbs, show results, be specific and list results oriented when documenting your experiences.
  • List references; three to five is a standard amount.
  • Develop a good cover letter. This is important to catch the interest of the employer.
  • Send a thank-you letter after the interview and follow up with a phone call to show your interest and motivation to be hired.

Good resumes are the start of getting the job, and you want to make sure you do it right. 

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