Online Courses: Tools at MSU

This page includes resources for offering content online through videoconferencing/Zoom and D2L online/blended courses.  It also includes information Spartan 365 Teams to foster collaboration within a work team or group of individuals. Request Help: Specific requests for assistance (Zoom, D2L, Teams, Videos) can be make by emailing: If you aren't sure where to begin with your program, check out the following resource: Adapting a Face-to-Face Program into an Online Context.

Zoom Resources

Click on the Zoom & MediaSpace Resources button for more details or go to: Zoom/MediaSpace. Selected resources are listed below.

  • NEW ONLINE COURSE - Best Practices for Designing & Delivering Zoom Meetings & Webinars: Zoom meetings, Zoom webinars, and best practices for developing engaging virtual learning environments for your participants: REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!
  • Hosting 4-H Meetings Online Tip Sheet (4-H Leadership and Civic Engagement Team): Hosting 4-H Meetings Online.
  • NOTE: All MSU faculty/staff can hold a Zoom Meeting with up to 300 participants and a Zoom Webinar with up to 500 participants.


Click on the D2L Resources button for more details or go to: D2L Resources. Selected resources are listed below.

  • Building Your Own Online/Blended Course: If you want to explore building an online course site for your program you may submit a request by completing this form: MSU Extension Online Course Site Request Form.

    • A course template will be created for you including MSU Extension branding, a sample announcement, MSU Discovery Services Help Desk information, and more!
    • You will receive assistance in developing a course based on learning outcomes and assessment requirements, and the course will reflect appropriate virtual teaching strategies.
    • We will create engaging learning activities that meet instructional objectives.
    • We will implementing online learning technologies and pedagogical models relating to virtual programming.

    If you are ready to explore online/blended courses, please contact Gwyn Shelle or Alan Pilkenton (CYI courses only) for assistance with building your course - we look forward to working with you!

  • Quickstart Guide for Designing an Online Course: Check out this page for information on quickly setting up a D2L course site: A Quickstart Guide to Designing a D2L Course.
  • NEW ONLINE COURSE: Designing Online Extension Programs: Have you thought about developing an online or blended course for your program? Register for this self-paced, 4-session online training to get started on the right path! Designing an Online and Blended Course Registration

Team Resources 3

Click on the Spartan 365 Teams button for more details or go to: Spartan365 Teams. Selected resources are listed below. 

  • Spartan 365 Team for Digital Strategy: You can self-enroll in the following MSU Extension Team MSUE Digital Strategy to share ideas and questions for offering content online (webinars, online courses, blended courses, etc.).