Joining Ogemaw County 4-H


Ready to grow with 4-H? Sign up!

If you have previously enrolled in Michigan 4-H or already connected with a club or county staff person, visit 4-H Online to complete or update your enrollment for the current year. If you are new to Michigan 4-H and want to learn more or sign up, either:

  1. Contact your local 4-H Program Coordinator, Enya, at or 989-345-0692
  2. Fill out and submit the web form at the bottom of the Join 4-H page.

Enya will be happy to follow up with you about next steps in the youth enrollment process. She can assist you in identifying opportunities and/or a 4-H club in your community that meets your interest areas and availability, and can also speak to you about adult volunteer opportunities!

There is no enrollment fee for Michigan 4-H - come join the fun!

Once you’ve selected your club(s), you’re ready to enroll in Michigan 4-H!

Enrollment is handled online through the 4-H Online system. To utilize 4-H Online, you will need:

  • A computer
  • Internet access. If you need assistance accessing the internet, please contact your county MSU Extension office.
  • A valid e-mail address
  • A web browser

For more information on using 4-H Online 2.0, view the following educational training materials:

4-H Online 2.0 Existing Family Profiles Video Tutorial

4-H Online 2.0 Creating A New Family Profile Video Tutorial

4-H Online 2.0 Volunteer Enrollment Video Tutorial

Ogemaw County 4-H Clubs

  • 4-H Itching to Do Stitching Sewing Club*
  • Ogemaw County 4-H Dairy "Udder" Club
  • Ogemaw County 4-H Boss Hogs Swine Club
  • Ogemaw County 4-H Wranglers Horse Club
  • Ogemaw County 4-H Shooting Sports
  • Ogemaw County 4-H Steak & Tail 4-H Beef Club
  • Ogemaw County 4-H Young Shepherds Sheep Club
  • Ogemaw County 4-H Hoof & Horn Goat Club
  • Ogemaw County 4-H Small Animal Club (Rabbit & Poultry)

*some club offerings dependent on volunteer availability

SPIN (Special Interest, Short-Term) Clubs in Ogemaw County

  • 4-H Future Naturalists: Michigan Reptiles & Amphibians
  • 4-H CloverBuds: Science Exploration (ages 5 - 7)
  • Ogemaw 4-H Astronomy Club