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2024 MSU 4-H Exploration Days will be held from June 19-21, 2024!!

Please review the 4-H Exploration Days Handbook for event rules, policies and procedures that all youth and adults must acknowledge and abide by.


  • $220 Youth Participant Fee – The fee for youth to participate in 4-H Exploration Days covers meals from Wednesday lunch to Friday lunch, two nights of lodging, all event activities and a T-shirt.
  • $130 Adult Participant Fee- Adult Participant $130 Adult Participant Fee- Adults attend as support for this event as instructors and chaperones and will be assigned a variety of volunteer tasks to support the event.  The fee for adults participating in 4-H Exploration Days covers meals, from Wednesday lunch to Friday lunch, two nights of lodging, all event activities and a T-shirt.

If unable to pay the $50 pre-payment by credit card within the registration system, please reach out to to make arrangements prior to registering.  

What’s It All About? 

This year over 1,000 youth (ages 12-19) and chaperones from across Michigan are invited to attend this event this year! This fun MSU pre-college program could be the highlight of your summer - it could even change your life! 4-H Exploration Days opens at 7pm on March 25, 2024. Sessions have limited spaces, so be sure to register as soon as possible when it opens! Session assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. As you select your session choices, be sure to watch for age restrictions! Age requirements for sessions are based on your age as of January 1. 

Eligibility Requirements: 4-H Explorations Days is open to all youth between the ages of 12-19 as of January 1st of the current program year. All participants must be enrolled in 4-H Online. Any youth aged 18, 19 or 20 at the time of the event must complete a background check, which includes a reference check and a criminal history check. Local MSU Extension staff are responsible for ensuring that this background check is completed before the event. 

This MSU pre-college program is designed to: 

  • Increase responsibility, confidence, independence, accountability, problem-solving, decision-making and time management skills. 
  • Increase communication, team work, citizenship, and leadership skills. 
  • Foster ability to meet new people and make new friends from different places and backgrounds. 
  • Develop and expand career and personal interests. 
  • Increase college exploration and access to the Michigan State University campus and its resources. 
  • Develop social and academic skills needed for a successful transition to college and life as an adult. 
  • Give youth opportunities to try things that aren’t available in their county.

What’s it like? 

  • There’ll be more than 100 session choices held on and off campus. You’ll choose two or three for your three-day stay. 
  • You’ll live in a Michigan State University dorm and eat in the cafeteria—just like MSU students do. 
  • Sessions are taught by people who know their stuff, including MSU faculty members, 4-H volunteers and staff members and other experts. 
  • It’s not all sessions! There’s plenty of time for fun, including skating, souvenir shopping, exploring, bowling, basketball—even a great dance Thursday night. 
  • The 2023 cost is $220.  For more information please see the Registration Information page. 
    • The fee includes meals, a shared room in a dorm, sessions and a t-shirt. The 4-H Council will be offering partial scholarships to all youth attending this program.


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