Brockton Feltman MS-A

Brockton Feltman

Department of Community Sustainability

Graduate Research Assistant

Program: CSUS

Academic Focus Area: Natural Resource Governance

Hometown: Ithaca, Michigan

Advisor: Patricia Norris

I chose to become a member of the Community Sustainability Department because it is important to approach the world with an understanding that social and ecological systems exist together in a higher-level organization that does not recognize these concepts as being distinct from one another. It is exciting to engage the challenges of developing in theory a social, political and economic world-view that emphasizes a need for thinking about human well-being from an ecological perspective. Furthermore it is fulfilling to work towards the actual implementation of policy, institutions and law that realize goals of environmental integrity, social justice and political empowerment. This is a great department for those who like to think and act creatively, who wish to practice interdisciplinary and systems-thinking, and who are excited to continue developing philosophically, scientifically and ethically.  

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