Payam Aminpour, PhD

Payam Aminpour

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CSUS - Modeling, Decision Support Systems, Complexity
Department of Community Sustainability

Hometown: Iran

Advisor: Dr. Steven Gray

Payam received a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering and a Master's degree in Civil engineering-water resource management from Iran University of Science and Technology and is currently doing his PhD in Community sustainability at Michigan State University. His professional interests focus on modeling the complex Socio-Environmental-Systems when it comes to the group decision-making. Before joining the department, Payam was working on the impact of unsustainable human behavior on his country's water resources, Iran.

His current researches include Knowledge Integration, collective intelligence, and modeling the group behavior and information exchange among diverse individuals via Agent-Based Modeling (ABM). With this question that how individuals' mental models change as a result of interaction and communication through participatory decision-making processes, he is trying to develop a simulation platform using computer programming to evaluate group performances that encountering with complex problems.