Runsheng Yin

Runsheng Yin
Telephone: 517-432-3352

Department of Forestry

Associate Professor, Forest Economics

115 Natural Resources Building

Research Website: Ecosystem Policy Institute of China


PhD in Forest Resource Economics, University of Georgia, 1995
MS in Forest Management and Policy, Beijing Forestry University, 1986
BS in Forestry, Shanxi Agricultural University, 1982

Research Interests

  • Evaluation and payments for ecosystem services
  • Design and implementation of ecological restoration programs 
  • Forest tenure reform and institutional change
  • Natural resource economics and policy

Selected Publications

Yin, Runsheng and Minjuan Zhao. 2012. Ecological Restoration Programs and Payments for Ecosystem Services as Integrated Social-Ecological Processes. Ecological Economics 73(15): 56-65.

Yin, Runsheng, Roger Sedjo, and Ping Liu. 2010. The Potential and Challenges of Sequestering Carbon and Generating Other Services in China’s Forest Ecosystems. Environmental Science & Technology 44: 5687-5688.

Liu, Can, Jinzhi Lu, and Runsheng Yin. 2010. An Estimation of the Effects of China’s Forestry Programs on Farmers’ Income. Environmental Management 45(3): 526-540.

Yin, Runsheng, Guiping Yin, and Lanying Li. 2010. Assessing China’s Ecological Restoration Programs: What’s Been Done and What Remains to Be Done? Environmental Management 45(3): 442-453.

Li, Changbin, Jiaguo Qi, Zhaodong Feng, Runsheng Yin, Biyun Guo, Feng Zhang, Zou Songbing. 2010. Process-Based Soil Erosion Simulation at the Regional Scale – The Impact of Ecological Restoration in Chinese Loess Plateau Region. Environmental Management 45(3): 476-487.

Yin, Runsheng and Guiping Yin. 2010. China’s Ecological Restoration: Initiation, Implementation, and Challenges. Environmental Management 45(3): 429-441.

Qing, Xiang, Runsheng Yin, Jintao Xu, and Xiangzheng Deng. 2009. The Driving Forces of Land-Use and Land-Cover Changes in the Upper Yangtze Basin. Environmental Management 45(3): 454-465.

Zhao, Shuqing, Shuguang Liu, Runsheng Yin, Zhengpeng Li, Yulin Deng, Kun Tan, Xiangzheng Deng, David Rothstein, and Jiaguo Qi. 2010. Quantifying Terrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Dynamics in the Jinsha Watershed, Upper Yangtze, China from 1975 to 2000.  Environmental Management 45(3): 466-475.

Yin, Runsheng and Qing Xiang. 2009. An Integrative Approach to Modeling Land Use Changes: The Multiple Facets of Agriculture in the Upper Yangtze Basin. Sustainability Science 5(1): 9-18.

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