Yenizié Koné

Yenizié Koné

Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics

Chief of Party and Senior Economist for the MSU Bamako Office

Bamako, Mali


Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, Université de Bamako, Bamako, Mali
MS., in Agricultural Economics, Institut Agronomique et Véterinaire Hassan II (IAV), Rabat, Morocco
BS., Institut Agronomique et Véterinaire Hassan II (IAV), Rabat, Morocco

Dr. Yenizié Koné is Chief of Party and Senior Economist for the MSU Bamako Office, Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics.

Dr. Koné brings extensive knowledge and experience in agricultural economics research in Mali. He has particular expertise in rural development, decentralized micro-finance system, ex-ante/ex-post impact assessment of policy and technologies effects on farmers’ welfare. His expertise includes applying economic analysis tools like partial equilibrium economic analysis at the farm household level (household model) and econometric models using (Logit, Probit, Tobit, etc.). These tools allow to estimate agricultural risks impact and its incidence on the provision of inputs, production, farm income and consumption of households.

Prior to joining MSU, Dr. Koné has held several positions at the Malian Prime Minister’s Office, including Chief Technical Advisor for the Rural Development, Environment, Sanitation, and Sustainable Development Unit.

Dr. Koné also supervises students in Master’s and PhD programs, and has lectured at the Université du Mali since 2010. He has also taught food systems, food security and post-harvest technologies at the University of Cape Coast, West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use Graduate Research Program, an International PhD Program, in Cape Coast, Ghana (2013). He has published many scientific articles and has contributed to several books, including “Office du Niger un grenier à Riz au Mali (2002).”




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