• Pork Quarterly - April 2003

    Published on April 11, 2003
    In this issue: Using Mass Balance to Calculate Manure Phosphorus Production, Are You Ready for A CNMP, Strategies to Eliminate Atypical Aromas and Flavors in Sow Loins

  • Pork Quarterly - November 2002

    Published on November 15, 2002
    In this issue: Manure Production Records to Meet “GAAMP” Guidelines, Pig Survival is Important, Sows Fertility to AI at a Gonadotropin-Induced Estrus and Ovulation, Breeding Management Workshop Registration

  • Pork Quarterly - August 2002

    Published on August 21, 2002
    In this issue: Proper on Farm Needle Handling Procedures, Using Records to Investigate a Farrowing Rate Problem, Supplementing Vitamin C Through the Drinking Water, Major Genes in Your Seedstock, Breeding Management Workshops Announcement

  • Pork Quarterly - June 2002

    Published on June 17, 2002
    In this issue: Beyond the Hogs and Pigs Report, Improving Fertility of Artificially Inseminated Cows, Update - Antibiotic Resistance and Use of Antibiotics in Livestock, Pork Industry Outlook - Summer 2002, 2nd Annual Mid-West Swine Nutrition Conference

  • Pork Quarterly - August 2001

    Published on August 27, 2001
    In this issue: What Level of Manure Management is Right for You, Using Boars for Estrous Stimulation & Detection, MSUMN, Gilt Management: Minimizing and Managing the Entry-to-Service Interval, Hog and Pork Outlook - 2001 and Beyond

  • Pork Quarterly - June 2001

    Published on June 28, 2001
    In this issue: Transferring the Family Swine Farm Business to the Next Generation, Farm Medication Plan, Quality Assurance, Vaccination & Management, Livestock Welfare Regulations, Frequency of Porcine Stress Gene in Texas Show Pigs

  • Pork Quarterly - April 2001

    Published on April 30, 2001
    In this issue: Thomapple Valley’s Closure, Controlling Flour Moths in Gestation Barns, Foot & Mouth Disease, The Napole Gene, Paylean - Does It Interact With Genetics, Effect of Nutritional Level While Feeding Paylean to Late-Finishing Swine

  • Pork Quarterly - November 2000

    Published on November 13, 2000
    In this issue: Right to Farm Amendments, Tips for Sampling Manure, Manure Testing Laboratories, Michigan Swine Youth Challenge 2001, Heterosis, Water: The Forgotten Element, What’s With My Wei?

  • Pork Quarterly - August 2000

    Published on August 8, 2000
    In this issue: More Pigs on the Way, Environmental Update, Manure Sampling and Nutrient Analysis, Managers Still Needed, Hormonal Therapy for Sows Winter During Fall and Winter

  • Pork Quarterly - June 2000

    Published on June 21, 2000
    In this issue: Fanner-Owned Packing Plants, New Study Finds Following GAAMPs Reduces Soil Phosphorus Levels, How Does Heat Stress Affect Sow Performance During Lactation, Effect of Wean- to-Finish Management on Pig Performance, Alternative Feedstuffs