• Pork Quarterly - October 2011

    Published on October 10, 2011
    In this issue: High Imput Costs and Market Weights, Pork Fat Quality, Iodine Values and Feeding DDGS, Live Swine Carbon Footprint Calculator is now Available for Pork Producers, Time for a Biosecurity Tune Up

  • Pork Quarterly - April 2011

    Published on April 13, 2011
    In this issue: West Michigan PRRS Area Regional Control Project Update, What is Reactive N and Why Should I Care, Can You Extend the Length of Gestation, Review of Local Disasters: Motivation to Prepare, Time-to-Suckle in Cross-Fostered Piglets

  • Pork Quarterly - November 2010

    Published on November 11, 2010
    In this issue: Trailer Design, Loading and Unloading Market Hogs, Swine Management Program in the Institute of Agricultural Technology Accepting Applicants, Announcing MSUE Pork Team State Wide Winter and Spring Programs

  • Pork Quarterly - August 2010

    Published on August 3, 2010
    In this issue: Evaluation of Three Commercial Mycotoxin Inhibitors Added to Vomitoxin Contaminated Corn Diets for Weanling Pigs, Swine Jobs Schoo, Fall Stalk Nitrate Tests, Feral Swine in Michigan, Group Sow Housing Focus Groups—Initial Results

  • Pork Quarterly - June 2010

    Published on June 9, 2010
    In this issue: PRRS Regional Elimination Project, Developing an Emergency Response Plan for Your Livestock Facility, Swine Management Program in the Institute of Agricultural Technology, Fetal Programming, Share Your Ideas for Advancing Michigan

  • Pork Quarterly - November 2009

    Published on November 18, 2009
    In this issue: Feeding 2009 Corn, Regional PRRS Eradication Program, Sow Housing Focus Groups, Swine Jobs School Fall 2009 Graduates Announcing MSU Extension Pork Team State Wide Winter and Spring Programs

  • Pork Quarterly - August 2009

    Published on August 6, 2009
    In this issue: Proper Disposal of Dead Animals on Michigan Farms, Production Efficiency of Specialized Swine Producers, A Review of Biosecurity Methods, MSU Pork Team State Wide Winter & Spring Programs, Can You Score Body Condition

  • Pork Quarterly - June 2009

    Published on June 12, 2009
    In this issue: Ag Labor Issues in Michigan, Pork Demand Determinants, PRRS Regional Eradication-Updates, Swine Handling and Transport, Providing Skilled Technicians for Michigan’s Pork Industry, Don’t Run Off Before Learning About Runoff

  • Pork Quarterly - March 2009

    Published on March 9, 2009
    In this issue: Animal Handling at Auction & Processing Facilities, Daily Environmental Stewardship, How Much “Root Zone” is Needed for Livestock Nutrients, Carbon Market Opportunities for Ag, PRRS, At What Age Should Gilts be Exposed to Boars?

  • Pork Quarterly - November 2008

    Published on November 14, 2008
    In this issue: PRRS Regional Elimination Project-Michigan, Euthanasia, U.S. Resident Support for Gestation Crate Barns, Sow Herd Removals Pork Bridge, Winter Transportation of Market Hogs