• Pork Quarterly - August 1998

    Published on August 31, 1998
    In this issue: Keeping Swine Business in Perspective with Low Hog Prices, The On-Farm Odor/Environmental Assistance Program, Packers Within the Region, Are You In Compliance with Federal Feed Labeling Laws?

  • Pork Quarterly - June 1998

    Published on June 17, 1998
    MPPA Pork Quality Taste Test Results & Tables, PigCHAMP Software update, Spartan Classic-Prospect Pig & Market Hog Show, Kill Sheet Lingo, White Terminal Sires, The Value Chain, Environmental Assurance on the Farm, Where’s the Plan?

  • Pork Quarterly - February 1998

    Published on April 9, 1998
    In this issue: 97 Michigan Genetic Improvement Program, Who Cares About Pork Quality?, Youth Show Operations Guidelines, The Limited Liability Corporation, Utilizing a Consultant, Pigs For Sale…How to Get Your Farm Listed

  • Pork Quarterly - October 1997

    Published on October 22, 1997
    In this issue: Expanding the Use of Swine Production Records, News from the Environmental Front, Check Market Pigs Weights This Fall, Employee Motivation, New Swine Extension Agent in Central Michigan

  • Pork Quarterly - June 1997

    Published on June 25, 1997
    In this issue: Managing Odor Problems on the Farm, Family Sportsmanship, MGIP 97, Alternative Swine Housing Structures-Hoops, USDA Projects Increases in Pork Production 98, What Does the Future Hold?, Zinc Supplementation Promotes Growth in the Nursery

  • Pork Quarterly - February 1997

    Published on February 5, 1997
    In this issue: Adopting the Latest Technology, Incoming Seedstock Biosecurity, Pork 101 is on the Way!, Managing Odor Problems on the Farm, More on Manure Nutrient Balance-Phosphorus, Troubleshooting Ventilation, 96 MI Genetic Improvement Program

  • Pork Quarterly - September 1996

    Published on September 19, 1996
    In this issue: Site Selection-The Critical Decision, MSU Telfarm Business Information System, Your Image Says It All, Artificial Insemination, Processing Swine Diets, Financial Performance on Michigan Swine Farms, Mycoplasmal Pneumonia of Swine

  • Rodent Bait Location Record Sheet

    This sheet is used to record the rodent baits located around the swine facility.

  • Etiqueta para el Puesto de Cebo

    Esta hoja es para registrar las etiquetas de las estaciones de cebo para roedores utilizadas en las instalaciones porcinas.

  • Plan de Acción de Emergencia

    Esta hoja se usa para escribir información de emergencia para la instalación porcina.