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Sauer, C., Mason, N., Maredia, M., and Mofya-Mukaka, R. 2018. Does adopting legume-based cropping practices improve small-scale farm households' food security? Panel survey evidence from Zambia.  Food Security (November) . 

Maredia, M. K., Reyes, B. A., Ba, M., Dabire, C., Pittendrigh, B., & Bello-Bravo, J. 2017. Can mobile phone-based animated videos induce learning and technology adoption among low-literate farmers? A field experiment in Burkina Faso. Information Technology and Development (April) DOI 

Rabbi  Ismail, Kulakow  Peter, Manu-Aduening  Joseph, Dankyi  Ansong, Asibuo  James, Parkes Elizabeth, Abdoulaye  Tahirou, Girma  Gezahegn, Gedil  Melaku, Ramu  Punna, Reyes  Byron, Maredia  Mywish. 2015.  Tracking crop varieties using genotyping-by-sequencing markers: a case study using cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz). BMC Genetics 16:115. DOI 10.1186/s12863-015-0273-1

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