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Selected Publications

  • Yeboah F. K. and Jayne T. S. (2016) “Africa’s Evolving Employment Structure” International Development Working Paper, IDWP No. 148.  East Lansing. Michigan State University. October 2016.
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  • Jayne, T. S.,   Holtzman, J. S., Yeboah, F. K., Anderson, J. R.  and Oehmke, J. F., (2016).  Agri-food Systems and Youth Livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa” IDWP No. 150. East Lansing, Michigan State University. October 2016.
  • Allen, A., Howard, J., Jayne, T. S., Jemison, A., Kondo, M., Snyder, J., Tschirley, D., and Yeboah F. K.  (2016) “Agri-food Youth Employment and Engagement Study” . Report submitted to The MasterCard Foundation, April 2016-06-13.
  • Yeboah, F.K., Lupi, F., and Kaplowitz, M. D., (2015) “Agricultural Landowners’ Willingness to Participate in a Filter Strip Program for Watershed Protection,” Land Use Policy, 49, 75-85.
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  • Kaplowitz, M. D., Yeboah, F. K., Thorp, L. G., and Wilson, A., (2009) “Garnering Input for Recycling Communication Strategies at a Big Ten University”, Resource Conservation and Recycling 53, 612–623, 2009