Issue #Winter 2018

2018 LandTEXTURE Newsletter

Published February 1, 2018

The MSU Landscape Architecture Alumni & Advisory board has many committees, as most organizations do, but this year they have put a real focus on two areas: Student engagement and fundraising.

Front cover of the LandTEXTURE newsletter - Winter 2018.
  • Photo of Professor Joanne Westphal at the CELA Conference in Beijing, China 2017, with Dr. Chong Qing Liu and Dr. Chong Qing.

    Landscape visiting scholars

    Over the last 10 years, more than 20 visiting professors have come to the MSU Landscape Architecture Program to spend six to 12 months working with LA faculty and experiencing the United States.

  • Photo of Karen Russcher passing the baton to Jun-Hyun Kim.

    State of the Program

    I have had the great opportunity to serve as interim program leader for Michigan State University’s Landscape Architecture program this past year.

  • Photo of Ming-Han Li.

    Ming-Han Li named MSU School of Planning, Design and Construction director

    In August of 2017, Ming-Han Li was named director of SPDC. His appointment became effective Jan. 1, 2018. Li succeeds Scott G. Witter, who retired in December. Currently Scott Loveridge is serving as interim director.

  • Photo of Jun-Hyun Kim.

    Program update

    It is with great pleasure that I, Jun-Hyun Kim, accept this opportunity to join the Landscape Architecture Program in SPDC at MSU as associate professor and program leader.

  • Group of images of monuments and streets in Paris representing photos from a theme that are also diverse content.

    How do we represent the environment?

    In LA, there has always been a debate about representing a design: Should we use more hand graphics and physical models, or should we embrace new technologies and create digital renderings, 3D models, and even put them to use in virtual reality?

  • Photo of Scott Reinholt.

    President's message 2018

    It is with great pride that I write this letter as the current president of the MSU Landscape Architecture Alumni Advisory Board. Our role as board members is to assist the LA program in a multitude of ways.

  • Photo of Scott Loveridge.

    Director's message 2018

    The past few months have been a fantastic opportunity to reacquaint myself with, and deepen my understanding of, the Landscape Architecture discipline.

  • Photo of students at the Coloseum in Italy during the 2017 Landscape Architecture study abroad program.

    Study Abroad 2017

    In the spring semester of 2017, our class of third year students from the Michigan State University Landscape Architecture Program had the opportunity to study abroad in Europe for seven and a half weeks.

  • Photo of landscape architecture students working on projects during class.

    Dual BLA/MED degree spurs advances in design innovation and scholarly research

    In 2011, the MSU Board of Trustees approved the Dual Degree BLA-MED pathway (Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Master of Environmental Design).

  • Letter from Cheryl Zuellig, LAAAB President

    Greetings MSU Landscape Architecture Alumni

  • Photo of the winning foursome of the 2017 LA Golf Outing Fundraiser, including Don Stefanko, Brian Voelz, Drew Jackson and
Jack McDonough.

    Raising money for scholarships

    The 2017 golf outing fundraiser brought in $2,740 to fund scholarships.

  • Mark Mandenberg (1952 – 2017)

    Mark Douglas Mandenberg was a man of many talents who loved life and lived it to the fullest! Mark earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from MSU in 1974.