hairy galinsoga

Hairy galinsoga – Galinsoga quadriradiata

Galinsoga quadriradiata Cav.

Asteraceae (Aster family)

MI Status


Life cycle

Prolific, seed-producing summer annual.


Opposite, egg-shaped to triangular leaves with coarsely toothed margins, sharp tips and densely hairy upper leaf surfaces.


Erect with multiple, opposite branching stems. They are up to 2 feet tall and covered with coarse hairs.

Flowers and fruit

Numerous small flower heads are formed in terminal and axillary clusters. Each head has four to five white, three-toothed ray flowers and centers with numerous yellow disk flowers. The seed is enclosed in a single-seeded, brown to black, wedge-shaped, wind-disseminated fruit.



Hairy galinsoga leaf
Hairy galinsoga leaf
Hairy galinsoga flower
Hairy galinsoga flower
Hairy galinsoga plant
Hairy galinsoga plant

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