Heads In, Hearts In: Marshmallow Structures


May 25, 2021 - Author:

What you need to know:

Each shape has attributes, or characteristics, that describe the shape. Each shape is made up of sides. Some sides are straight, and some sides are curved. Some shapes also have corners, or angles, where two sides meet to close a shape. When you draw a square on a piece of paper, that’s a two-dimensional or 2-D shape. It has 1) length and 2) height (two dimensions). It is flat. Three-dimensional, or 3-D shapes, are solid shapes. They have 1) length, 2) height and 3) width (three dimensions). A tissue box is a 3D shape. It is solid.

What you will do and learn:

You will practice building models of 2D and 3D shapes using marshmallows and toothpicks.


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