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Bulletin E3483
Michigan Asparagus Cost of Production Study 2022-23


July 12, 2023 - <>, <> and <>

This bulletin provides updated cost and revenue information for the industry. The last full cost study was conducted in 2015/16, "Cost and Returns for Producing Michigan Asparagus" (E3315) (August 2016) by Curtis Talley and Ben Werling.

Key Points

  • We conducted one-on-one interviews and an industry focus group to collect detailed cost information.
  • Establishment costs for new fields were estimated to be $5,723 per acre.
  • The market continues to be balanced between cuts and tips (27%), spears (13%), and fresh-market asparagus
  • Peak yields are higher and longer than reported in 2015, and stand longevity has also increased.
  • Harvest labor costs have increased 52% since 2015, while housing costs have decreased 50%.
  • Net cash flows for full-bearing years are estimated to be $1,072 per acre, which is down from 2015 due to higher costs.
  • At 5,500 pounds per acre, the breakeven price is $0.73 per pound.



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