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Michigan is home to over 620,000 military veterans and is ranked 11th in the nation for total veteran population. As veterans transition from military service to civilian life, many challenges may present themselves including: adjusting to the civilian pace of life, reconnecting with family members, re-entering the workforce, coming to terms with service connected disabilities, and finding a supportive community. Michigan State University Extension is committed to providing our veterans with programs and services that support their personal and financial wellness. Whether you served decades ago or have been recently discharged, MSU Extension wants to support the success of you, your family, and your business. Visit MSU Extension at:

Support for Veterans

At MSU Extension, we recognize the sacrifices and unique needs of veterans throughout our Michigan communities. It is our goal to ensure no veteran is left behind and that our services and programs assist you to find health, stability, and prosperity. MSU Extension offers numerous programs, educational resources and events focused on a diverse set of areas including: improving your health, educating you about agriculture, helping you manage your property’s natural resources, and connecting you with your community. Find out more by exploring these MSU Extension websites:

Support for Veteran Families

Families play an important role in the lives of veterans. As veterans transition from the military, often relationships can be strained due to service connected disabilities and challenges with reconnecting after long deployments. MSU Extension is committed to strengthening veteran families through family-centered programming and services including: support for caregivers, early childhood development, homeownership, relationship management and violence prevention. Additionally, MSU Extension provides opportunities for children of veterans to explore the world of agriculture through 4-H programs which offer opportunities for personal and professional development in a safe and supportive educational environment.

Support for Veteran -owned Businesses

Military leadership training prepares veterans to become the business leaders of tomorrow. MSU Extension supports these entrepreneurs through unique business services that can assist veterans in business and product development through the MSU Extension Product Center, regulation compliance, professional training in business management and leadership. Find out more about these services at these websites: •

Ask an Expert

MSU Extension experts serve all 83 counties in Michigan. They are committed to supporting you, your family, and your business by sharing the knowledge and resources of MSU. Whether you are looking for assistance with managing your family’s health or the crops you grow on your farm, there are professionals who can support your success. Visit “Ask an Expert” to ask your questions and receive direct assistance from an MSU Extension expert or contact your local Extension office to learn more.

Extension Events

As the leader in educational outreach events in Michigan, MSU Extension provides opportunities to learn about a broad range of topics relevant to veterans in all Michigan counties. To find out which events are coming to your community and how you can participate, visit our events website for more information.



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