Pandas and People - Coupling Human and Natural Systems for Sustainability

February 17, 2016 - <>, <>, <>, <>, Xiaodong Chen, Zhiyun Ouyang and Hemin Zhang

Journal or Book Title: Pandas and People

Keywords: Pandas, coupled human and natural systems, policy, sustainability, Wolong

Year Published: 2016

Pandas and People coverUnderstanding the complex relationships between humans and the natural world is essential for achieving environmental sustainability and improving human well-being, yet many studies are unable to reveal complex interactions and hidden trends. This is the first book to synthesize the findings and approaches of long-term integrated research in a model coupled human and natural system, and to illustrate their applications to regional, national, and global scales. It features a classic long-term interdisciplinary research project in the Wolong Nature Reserve of China, which contains one of the largest wild populations of the world-famous endangered giant pandas. Bringing together a team of contributors from both the natural and social sciences, this book explores how a long-term interdisciplinary and model system approach is essential to uncover the common patterns and mechanisms of coupled systems, to develop ideas and methods for studying and managing other coupled systems, and ultimately to contribute to the development of theories about coupled systems for sustainability.

DOI: ISBN: 9780198703556

Type of Publication: Book

Publisher: Oxford University Press


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