Persian speedwell

Persian Speedwell - Veronica persica Poir.

Veronica persica Poir.

Plantaginaceae family (Plantain family)

MI Status


Life Cycle



Leaves are pubescent, opposite below and alternate above.  They have coarse teeth along the margins with short petioles.  Leaves are medium to dark green. 


The stems are round in cross section and pubescent.  Mature plants tend to be more prostrate.

Flowers and fruit

Single flowers with 4 petal-like lobes develop from the axils of the upper leaves.  Flowers are blue violet with dark stripes and white centers.  Each flower is replaced by a 2-celled seed capsule.  Each cell contains several small seeds.  Seeds are cup shaped, rough, and yellow to pale tan. 



Persian speedwell small plant
Persian speedwell
Persian speedwell in wheat May2020 ECH
Persian speedwell leaves
Persian speedwell April2019 (1)
Persian speedwell flower


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