Pseudoscorpions are small, harmless arthropods related to true scorpions and the common daddylonglegs. Unlike true scorpions these arachnids do not possess a stinger, and therefore, should not cause any alarm when found in the home. They are fairly common outdoors and occasionally found indoors. Outdoors they may be found in leaf litter, in the nests of birds, rodents, and insects, under stones and beneath bark. They spin disk-like webs of silk from silk glands located on their mouthparts. The web forms sort of a cocoon in which the animal molts and hibernates. Pseudoscorpions prey on other arthropods, such as small insects and mites. Pseudoscorpions rarely occur in homes in large numbers, normally only a few will be found, therefore chemical control is not necessary. A vacuum cleaner or picking them with tissue paper and disposing them will provide safe, effective control in the home. If a more aggressive approach is desired, then a household aerosol insecticide (like Raid) can be used as well.

Be sure to read and follow all instructions and safety precautions found on the label before using any pesticide.

Pseudo Scorpion on penny

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