Squash Mosaic Virus (SqMV)

Squash Mosaic Virus (SqMV)

Plants infected with Squash Mosaic Virus are often stunted and produce malformed or mottled fruit. There are two different strains of the virus; strain1 is more severe on melon and milder on squash, while the reverse is true of strain 2. The host range of this virus appears to be confined to cucurbits and some members of the Chenopodiaceae. The virus can be spread by cucumber beetles and by infected seed. Beetles acquire the virus within 5 minutes of feeding on an infected host and can retain the virus for approximately 20 days. This virus has become much less prevalent as more growers have begun to use certified virus free seed. Insecticide applications to control the beetle vectors are also helpful.

Zucchini leaf infected with Squash Mosaic Virus (SqMV)
Zucchini fruit infected with Squash Mosaic Virus (SqMV)

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