MSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program

The MSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program is conducted by MSU Extension in most Michigan counties.  Enrollees in the program spend time in class learning about a variety of horticulture related topics including:  perennials, lawn care, fruit culture and more.  Classes are taught by MSU Extension staff, horticultural experts and MSU faculty.  After the class portion of the program is completed, students seeking to be recognized as Certified Master Gardeners are required to volunteer their time in a horticultural pursuit.  There are many volunteer opportunities available for Master Gardener students.  Many students from Wayne, Oakland, Washtenaw, Livingston and other counties choose Tollgate Farm for their volunteer experience.  Master Gardener volunteers are involved in all aspects of planning, developing and maintaining the Tollgate Farm plantings.  For your classroom Master Gardener experience, contact your County Extension Office.  Please join the over 150 volunteers at Tollgate when you are ready to volunteer.

Visit the MSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program website at MSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program  for more information and contacts for your county.