Understanding America's loneliness crisis: Who is lonely and how we can help

November 16, 2022

Note: For more information on loneliness, read MSU Extension's Understanding America's Loneliness Crisis article.

Did you know that loneliness is worse for your health as physical inactivity, obesity, air pollution, and smoking half a pack of cigarettes per day? Loneliness is a condition that impacts millions of Americans each year, but we can do something about it.

Michigan State University Extension offers classes that can help you combat feelings of loneliness by teaching you how to create your own action plans, learning mindfulness techniques, and participating in tai chi classes.

You can sign up for an MSU Extension program in your area at 

If you are interested in taking the UCLA Loneliness Scale yourself, you can take an online version here

To learn more about the Cigna study discussed in the video, click here.

Music by RomanBelov from Pixabay