Good Food Life: Deb Hamilton

Deb Hamilton, Garden Starters Coordinator, edible flint - Flint, MI

August 12, 2015

Deb Hamilton is the Garden Starters Coordinator at edible flint.

What is your role at edible flint?

DH: I am the Garden Starters Coordinator for edible flint. My responsibilities include coordinating the activities that support the Garden Starters vegetable kit distribution, services to gardeners that include soil testing, compost delivery and tilling, co-convener for the Garden Starters and Food Garden Tour workgroups, grants and financial tracking.

How does edible flint work towards the goals of the Good Food Charter?  

DH: Our mission is to support Flint residents in growing and accessing healthy food and reconnecting with the land and each other. We work towards the Michigan Good Food Charter goals by making fresh, healthy food more accessible. We also offer urban gardener training classes, gardening workshops, a Food Garden tour and access to a community tool shed with accessible tools.

What do you find most exciting or inspiring about what you’re doing?

DH: What I find most inspiring is hearing gardeners tell how they provide fresh vegetables for their family and members of the community. Some shared they would not be able to do what they do without the edible flint assistance. Finding people to mentor new gardeners and having harvest to distribute to community members is awesome.  Many of our customers have become volunteers and participate in the structure of our organization.

What opportunities do you see for moving towards the goals of the Michigan Good Food Charter and where do you see those leading in the next five to ten years?

DH: As for moving toward the goals of the Michigan Good Food Charter, we will continue our work with residents to plant gardens while increasing their access to affordable fresh produce through personal and community gardens. In the next five to ten years the fresh food access campaign will educate the family, schools and community members to eat healthier and that will result in healthier people living longer lives.

What is one thing you’ve learned through your experience with working towards the goals of the Good Food Charter that you’d like to share with others?

DH: I strongly believe that food access along with education is the key to improving the general health of our community. It will take both working hand in hand to improve access. Lack of knowledge of a food type or how to prepare it is the same as not having access to that food.


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