HRT 100: Horticulture: Plants and People

Course Code: HRT 100

Credits and Offerings

  • 3 credits (2 hours lecture, 2 hours lab each week)
  • Spring of every year

Course Description

Functional uses of plants: aesthetics, food, industry, recreation. Growing and using horticultural plants. Consumer and environmental issues related to horticulture in daily living

Course Objectives

  1. Be introduced to horticulture as a hobby and profession.
  2. Understand why plants are important to their everyday lives.
  3. Increase their understanding of plants and how they grow. 
  4. Grow a variety of plants in the greenhouse.
  5. Gain appreciation of the connections between plants and people.


  • Horticulture at MSU
  • Horticulture Gardens
  • Understanding plants – nomenclature, taxonomy, anatomy and physiology
  • Growing Plants – annuals, perennials, herbs, fruits, indoor, landscape 


  • Greenhouse and garden tours
  • Plant growth experiments
  • Planting and growing plants