Tax-Deductible Gifts to Michigan State University Horticulture

The Department of Horticulture at MSU is proud to be recognized as the first horticultural department in the country, established in 1857 when MSU first opened its door as a premier land-grant institution. Horticulture at MSU is exceptionally well positioned to grow and respond to the needs of horticultural constituencies throughout the state and beyond. This expectation is based on many advantages: established and developing program and faculty strengths in extension, research, and teaching; exceptional access to facilities and equipment; strong relationships with a wide variety of constituency groups including consumers and the diverse horticulture industries in Michigan; the priorities of MSU; and the continuing financial support of industries and public and private agencies and institutions.

Reasons for Giving:

Private support involves gifts and grants given to the University by people – alumni and friends, institutions, corporations, foundations, and organizations – who are committed to helping MSU fulfill its mission. Motivations for giving are often varied, all are important to The Campaign for MSU. Many individuals view their support as a means of accomplishing personal goals, supporting values and beliefs. Some give simply because they view their support as a good investment. Others value the knowledge and experiences they have received and desire to ensure the same for future generations of students. Perhaps your motivation is to:

  • Remember someone you love or respect – by naming a scholarship, a professorship, a lectureship – even a building.
  • Maintain an interest or affinity in a particular program you want to see grow and succeed.
  • Demonstrate your leadership and your support for higher education.
  • Support your financial or estate planning through philanthropic tax advantages.

Whether you want to make a difference-for a student, a professor, a department, a program – or challenge others to give, you can show your gratitude for your MSU experience through a gift. All gifts are valuable to The Campaign for MSU because they help us remain among the best public universities in the nation providing the highest quality education.

If you are interested in making a special donation not identified below, please contact:

CANR External Relations
319 Agriculture Hall
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI  48824
Phone: (517) 355-0284
Fax: (517) 353-4595

If you are interested in making an immediate gift, please consider the opportunities below. Its easy to make a secure credit card gift online:

  • Click on a designation code below
  • Your selection will automatically appear in the University Development "Gift Cart"
  • Enter a donation amount
  • Select who should receive donor credit then select Continue

Department Donor Opportunities:

A114: Department of Horticulture Discretionary funds are used to support a wide variety of activities that include teaching, research, extension, and student scholarship. 

A1140: Department of Horticulture Endowment Fund – your donation is continually preserved and only a percentage of the investment income is spent annually.  Given their permanence, endowments assure excellence by making certain that quality teaching, research, and outreach can be conducted forever.

A11456: Horticultural Teaching and Research Center – our nearest off-campus farm facility located on College Road, provides faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students field, facilities, and equipment to conduct research, provide hands-on learning opportunities, and showcases extension activities.

A11412: Southwest Michigan Horticulture Research Experiment Station – for complete information on SWMREC, please visit their web site.

A1142: Michigan Vegetable Industry Fund – donations support faculty vegetable research and extension activities in the Department of Horticulture.

A11407: Pomology (Fruit) Research – these funds are intended to enhance research for Michigan's various fruit industries.

A1140983: SOF Student Organic Farm / Production Fund – Supports organic diversified vegetable demonstration farm, undergraduate engagement and employment, and increased capacity to provide local food to campus and the MSU community.

A114111: Student Organic Farm / Farmer Education Fund – provides scholarships and programmatic support for education in year-round organic farming, including the 8-month Organic Farmer Training Program and Farmer Field School workshops.

A11463:Floriculture Endowment Fund – will enhance programs in the floriculture arena, with an emphasis on extension and outreach programs.

Gardens Donor Opportunities: 

A11411:Horticultural Gardens – your donation will support garden beautification, educational programs, new plantings, structure maintenance, student employment, and many other wonderful activities for the gardening enthusiast to enjoy.

A11454:Symphony and Anniversary Plaza – donations support maintenance of a very special place in the Gardens – a very popular spot for weddings and photographs.

A114096:Frank’s Nursery & Crafts Rose Garden and the Anderson “Ball Water Feature” – donations support the popular rose garden and water feature. It provides an opportunity for students to learn how to properly care for roses.

A11441:C.E. Lewis Landscape Arboretum – support a hidden gem on MSU’s campus.  Designed as a "Learning Experience in the Making", it acts as an instructional arboretum for students interested in landscape development.  The arboretum has numerous informal gardens – MDLA Central Court, Yvonne V. Wilson Native Plant Garden, Hosta Garden, Jane Smith Conifer Garden, Kathleen and Milton Muelder Japanese Garden, The Overlook, Arbor Escape, Sensory Garden, The Lily Pond – as well as permanent collections – Living Sculpture Garden, Dedication Patio, and formal gardens – Topiary Gardens, Water Gardens, Sculpture Gardens, Specialty Gardens, and the Mawby Fruit Garden.

A11405:A11405 Friends of the Garden – an opportunity to provide programmatic support for the Horticultural Demonstration Gardens.

A114082:Kathleen and Milton Muelder Japanese Garden Fund - your donation supports this garden which was dedicated in the memory of Kathleen D. Muelder.

A1148:Mawby Fruit Collections – your donation supports fruit production, a working laboratory for horticulture students, and a beautiful public facility.

A11410:Brian Vidosh Memorial Fund – gives students a start in ornamental horticulture through internships.

A11435:Rose Carlson Endowed Internship Program for the Horticultural Demonstration Gardens and the 4-H Children's Garden – donation supports a hands-on learning internship for a student in the MSU Horticulture Department.

A11449:Norma Guyer Endowed Visiting Educator Program – provides a unique opportunity for educators to work in the Michigan 4-H Children's Garden, and in the Department of Horticulture.

A114093:Master Gardener Idea Garden – donations allow Master Gardener volunteers to create and build a new garden bed design in the Gardens.

Scholarship Donor Opportunities:

A11400:Department of Horticulture Scholarship Fund – donations provide an opportunity for working scholarships for deserving Horticulture Students and/or scholarships that help defray the cost of tuition.

A11416:Victor Ray Gardner Scholarship Fund – donations provide scholarships for undergraduate Horticulture Students interested in any area of horticulture.

A11448:Carl J. Sellner Endowed Scholarship Fund – provides scholarships for students with an emphasis in fruit production and management.

A11406:Darla Paselk Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund – your donation will provide scholarships for students interested in floriculture.

A11492:John L. Arend Excellence in Graduate Student Research in the Department of Horticulture

A11436:Leon R. Christensen Memorial Scholarship Fund – the goal of this scholarship is to assist students of horticulture in completing their studies in the field as well as continue encouraging the entrance of qualified people into the horticulture professions.

A11458:Michigan State University Horticulture Club Endowed Scholarship (to support MSU students who are actively involved in the Student Horticulture Association)

A11462:Jordan B. Tatter Scholarship Fund in Horticulture (for students at MSU pursuing a career working with the fruit and vegetable industries)

A114094: John H. Clupper Memorial Scholarship Fund (to support undergraduate scholarships in the Department of Horticulture)

A114100: Horticulture Teaching Endowment Fund – supports many of the hands-on teaching activities and field trips offered to students of Horticulture’s four year program.

A114084: Horticulture Scholarship Fund – provides students with scholarship monies and working scholarship opportunities. 


Gifts can also be mailed to:
Michigan State University
Department of Horticulture
Attn: Greta McKinney
1066 Bogue Street, Room A288
East Lansing MI 48824-1325