HRT 102: Plants for Food, Fun, and Profit

Course Code: HRT 102

Credits: 2

Credits and Offerings

  • 2 credits
  • Offered on-line only every Fall and Summer semester

Course Description

Introduction to the science and art of horticulture including home horticulture (landscaping,  gardening, and indoor plants), commercial horticulture (ornamental, vegetable, and fruit production) and sustainable horticulture. Educate consumers about horticultural plants, products, and their relationship to the environment.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, the student will:

  1. Develop an understanding of horticulture and how plants influence our daily lives.
  2. Become familiar with various aspects of horticulture so to become better educated about plants, their products, and relationship to environment.
  3. Learn how to grow plants for food and enjoyment at home.
  4. Have knowledge of the commercial horticulture industry, including sustainability.

Course Structure

This is a 100% online course offering.  This course will be delivered entirely online through the course management system Desire2Learn (D2L).