HRT 203: Principles of Horticulture

Course Code: HRT 203

Credits and Offerings

  • 3 credits (2 lecture and 2 lab hours each week)
  • Every Fall Semester

Course Description

This course will cover the basics of horticulture.  Topics will include crop geography, crop selection and management, cultivar development, and factors affecting plant growth and development. A field trip is required.

Course Objectives

  1. Familiar with the origin of agriculture and cultivated plants, the scope of the horticulture industry, and benefits that this industry provides.
  2. Able to explain why and how common horticulture plants are classified and identify basic plant anatomy.
  3. Able to understand how light, temperature, water, and nutrients effect plant growth at an applied level.
  4. Able to monitor plant growth, measure pH and EC, monitor for insect/disease issues, and calculate fertilizer needed for a crop.
  5. Able to understand how plant hormones impact plant growth and other ways to control plant growth, including training and pruning.
  6. Exposed to hot topics in horticulture today.