HRT 205: Plant Mineral Nutrition

Course Code: HRT 205

Credits and Offerings

  • 1 credit (3 lecture/lab hours per week)
  • Spring of every year - first five weeks of semester only

Course objectives

Provide students with an understanding of how plants acquire and transport nutrient elements and how each element functions in plant physiology, and integrate this information with the practical aspects of nutrient management in horticultural crop production and landscape maintenance.

Course Learning Objective

  1. Develop an understanding of how plant acquire and assimilate mineral nutrients, and how nutrients function in plant physiology.
  2. Learn how this knowledge can be used to optimize nutrient management in the field of horticulture. 


  • Essential and beneficial elements
  • Nutrient functions and deficiencies
  • Nutrient uptake and assimilation
  • Xylem and phloem transport
  • Monitoring and diagnosing nutritional problems
  • Fertilizer types and nutrient use efficiency
  • Nutrient management in horticulture


  • Students will observe and describe nutrient deficiency symptoms in a hydroponic demonstration.