HRT 212: Landscape Plants II

Course Code: HRT 212

Credits and Offerings

  • 3 credits (2 lecture and 2 lab hours every week)
  • Spring semester every year (in East Lansing, MI) and Fall semester of even years (off-campus offering)

Course Description

Identification, and evaluation of narrow-leaved evergreens trees and shrubs, broad-leaved evergreens,  flowering trees and shrubs, ground covers and bulbs, 

Course objectives

  1. To be able to identify narrow and broad leaved evergreen trees and shrubs, flowering trees and shrubs, ground covers and bulbs used in landscapes and for other horticultural purposes.  This includes knowing the scientific name(s), selected cultivars, common name(s), and the plant family.  Identification involves seeing parts of or the whole plant.
  2. To develop an appreciation for the great diversity and beauty of ornamental landscape plants.
  3. To be able to select plants for specific purposes and site conditions.  This includes knowing the environmental requirements of specific plants, their desirable and undesirable characteristics, their horticultural/ landscape uses, and major insect and disease problems.
  4. To be familiar with the use of keys for identification of plant material.


  • Plant Uses
  • Plant morphological characteristics
  • Plant identification techniques
  • Narrow-leaved evergreen trees and shrubs
  • Broad-leaved evergreen trees and shrubs
  • Flowering trees and shrubs
  • Ground covers
  • Bulbs
  • Cultural and environmental requirements
  • Insect, disease and abiotic problems


  • Plant ID walks around MSU campus