HRT 221: Greenhouse Structures and Management

Course Code: HRT 221

Credits and Offerings

  • 3 credits
  • Fall semester of every year

Course Description

Introductory level course that provides the principles and practices of commercial greenhouse construction, operation, and management. Site selection and orientation, various types of greenhouse structures, shading materials, and coverings as well as heating, cooling, and ventilation requirements and equipment are discussed. Methods and equipment for planting, lighting, media preparation, irrigation, fertilization, plant growth regulators, and insect and disease management of greenhouse crops are presented. The costs of construction, equipment, and operation are emphasized.

Course Goals

Upon completion of HRT 221 students will be able to identify greenhouse structures, components and equipment, collect and calculate relevant cultural and environmental data, and critically analyze a commercial greenhouse.

Course Objectives

  • To be able to critically evaluate greenhouse design, structure, operation, and management;
  • To describe the differences between production, research, teaching, display, public, and hobby greenhouses;
  • To identify the criteria used for commercial greenhouse site selection, orientation, layout, structures, coverings, ventilation, shading, and equipment;
  • To understand routine greenhouse operations and general environmental and cultural procedures including light, temperature, humidity, water, media, nutrient, and pest management;
  • To calculate heating and cooling requirements, fertilizer, acid, and plant growth regulator rates and preparations and knowledge and limitations of online grower calculators;
  • To summarize primary and secondary literature and synthesize information for greenhouse operations;
  • To establish a base of knowledge for higher level greenhouse crop production courses.