HRT 253: Compost Production and Use

Course Code: HRT 253

Credits and Offerings

  • 1 credit
  • Spring semester of every year

Course Objectives

Students will:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the value of composting as a soil quality and fertility management process and compost as a soil amendment product for the home and farm.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the biological compost process and how it is managed.
  3. Describe a wide variety of composting methods that can be used to meet many different needs over a wide range of production scales and time frames.
  4. Describe a variety of methods to use compost in horticultural cropping, container production, and landscape maintenance systems.
  5. Participate in making a compost pile or visit a farm where compost is made or used.


  • Visit the SOF Wormhouse and MSU South Campus Compost Facility or complete the alternative activity
  • Compost C:N and mix calculations
  • Compost Use calculations