HRT 311: Landscape Design and Management Specifications

Course Code: HRT 311

Credits and Offerings

  • 4 credits (3 lecture and 2 lab hours per week)
  • Spring semester of every year

Course objectives

  1. Integrate basic design principles into landscape development.
  2. Develop a working knowledge of plants as related to design intent, site adaptation and maintenance.
  3. Prepare landscape plans, construction and maintenance specifications.
  4. Examine the interrelationship among property owners, the design team, nurseries and contractors (construction and maintenance).


  • Landscape Character
  • Functional Uses of the Landscape
  • Design Intent 
  • Design Principles                                                                                          
  • Organization of Space                                                                                                           
  • Planting Design Principles                                                                            
  • Plant Selection Process                                                                                 
  • Plant/Site Relationships
  • Landscape Ecology/Plant Communities
  • American Standards for Nursery Stock
  • Planting Specifications
  • Landscape Management
  • Landscape Ordinances
  • Pavers, Hardscape
  • Water - Design
  • Sustainable Landscape Practices


  • Landscape Plan and Graphic Representation
  • Landscape Design Process
  • Client Interaction
  • Site Analysis and Site Inventory
  • Design Layout, Site Relationships
  • Functional Diagram
  • Line Form Composition
  • Planting Design Exercises
  • Design Projects, Critiques/Evaluations
  • Sustainable Landscape Design Projects


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