HRT 461: Seminar in Plant Animal and Microbial Biotechnology

Course Code: HRT 461

Credits and Offerings

  • 1 credit
  • Spring semester of every year

Course Description

The course will be comprised of three modules: plant, animal, and microbial biotechnology. Topics within each module will include (see course syllabus for more details):

  • Examples of currently commercialized applications and underlying biotechnologies
  • Technological considerations involved in moving from laboratory to commercial product
  • New applications currently at laboratory or development stage

Course Objectives

  • Introduce students to current commercial applications of plant, animal and microbial biotechnology in agriculture and related industries and provide first-hand contact with scientists in biotechnology industries.  
  • Provide students with an understanding of technical components involved in moving developing technologies from the laboratory to commercial production.
  • Introduce students to examples of new technologies under development and evaluate technical and other factors that contribute to potential success of a new product.